Sant'Ivo alla Sapienza

Posted by Giovanni (Milan, Italy) on 25 January 2009 in Cityscape & Urban and Portfolio.

Rome, January 1st.
I started playing with textures and I probably did it too much...

One of the textures is from Angelique Brunas' website.

WABIKOJA from Shiga, Japan

Nice shot! I like this color and silhouette.

25 Jan 2009 5:14am

Pied Crow from Nairobi, Kenya

This is a fun experiment, I like the way you have used the textures to push the antique feel of the architecture. Great gloomy feeling.

25 Jan 2009 6:09am

Philip from Joburg, South Africa

Love the silo and I think the texture is cool well done!

25 Jan 2009 7:42am

Vink from Grasse - Côte d, France

Cet effet parchemin est magnifique !

25 Jan 2009 8:44am

Simone from Italy

Bella la composizione e d'effetto l'elaborazione! Ciao

25 Jan 2009 8:48am

Rosso from Luserna s.Giovanni (To), Italy

La fotografia cosi' lavorata da l'impressione di un'antica stampa su tela è comunque un bel lavoro

25 Jan 2009 9:53am

mo.langel from Courtelary, Switzerland

Excellent traitement! J'aime beaucoup!

25 Jan 2009 9:55am

yiannis krikis from thessaloniki, Greece

perfect processing and image

25 Jan 2009 9:59am

k@ from Paris, France

Gorgeous ! Go on, Giovanni, you bring soul in that Victor Hugo like watered ink - I love it**

25 Jan 2009 10:44am

EYES WIDE SHUT from United Kingdom

This works wonderfully, Giovanni. Superbly done

25 Jan 2009 10:50am

Ron from Saint Louis, United States

Beautiful vintage effect, Giovanni ... you've created a stirring mood ... ron

25 Jan 2009 11:18am

Francesc B. from région parisienne, France

Ah oui... j'adore ! Le rendu est magnifique, et l'oiseau apporte beaucoup à la photo.
Bienvenue au club, lol... ça me fait penser un peu à ma maison hantée.... que tu as déjà commentée...

25 Jan 2009 11:52am

GJC from Kyoto, Japan

This is quite striking and innovative.

25 Jan 2009 12:22pm

sherri from Little Rock, Arkansas, United States

I really like the layering for this and what a superb job you did. That bird really sets this one off nicely.

25 Jan 2009 1:29pm

zOOm from Paris, France

Excellent traitement, j'adore les couleurs, le rendu... superbe atmosphère et c'est tellement esthétique !

25 Jan 2009 1:54pm

Laura from Birmingham, United Kingdom

It looks like a dinner place mat my grandmother used to have! nice experiment I look forward to seeing more of them.

25 Jan 2009 2:25pm

Mirko Herzner from Mühlheim am Main, Germany

Maybe you played a bit too much for a documentary shot. But as an artificial work this one is just great!

25 Jan 2009 2:48pm

Cricket from Huntsville, United States

Stunning. I am new to Aminus3 and I am amazed at the quality of pictures I am seeing.

This reminds me of the top of a magical place.

25 Jan 2009 3:06pm

JJ from Jersey City, United States

a super shot to start with and very impressive processing, Superb!!

25 Jan 2009 3:07pm

yz from Budapest, Hungary

wow, cool capture with that bird!

25 Jan 2009 4:12pm

jim from sebastopol, United States

i think this is a very successful image! i like the ominous mood that you gave to it. i have never experimented with textures. thanks for the link to the source! jim

25 Jan 2009 5:59pm

Stephen Phillips from San Francisco, United States

A fantastic silhouette - along with a really strong post-production treatment. Very well done.

25 Jan 2009 6:10pm

Klaus from Germany

amazing work

25 Jan 2009 6:48pm

Tero from Hämeenlinna, Finland

The pp work is very good. Did you ad the bird afterwards? Anyway, it really makes the photo.

25 Jan 2009 7:16pm

@Tero: No, I didn't add the the bird!

Claus Petersen from herfølge, Denmark

You have really created a very cool and goth atmosphere..

25 Jan 2009 7:28pm

Steve Rice from Olympia, United States

that is such a beautiful composition. The toning and textures are extremely nice. Love this.

25 Jan 2009 7:48pm

Peter Knoop from Antwerp, Belgium

Looks really interesting. Good choice of image for the texture.

25 Jan 2009 8:18pm

Ronnie 2¢ from London, United Kingdom

I like this very much . . the 'old parchment' effect is very appropriate to your subject and it looks really good overall ! Lovely effect.

25 Jan 2009 8:36pm

Polydactyle from Montreal, Canada

Un grand bravo pour cette superbe photo! Le traitement est fort bien réussi et l'atmosphère est parfaite. Une photo tout en équilibre.

25 Jan 2009 9:34pm

Frida from Sweden


25 Jan 2009 9:34pm

Walter from Watkinsville, United States

Taking the perfect photo is fun. Messing around on the computer is also fun so do not discredit your work on the computer to show us how you feel about the photo.

26 Jan 2009 1:22am

bluechameleon from Vancouver, Canada

Stunning composition and post production! I love what you have an antique.

26 Jan 2009 4:38am

Maxine from Rangiora, New Zealand

it looks like old parchment i love the effect, great treatment for this image!

26 Jan 2009 5:14am

roentarre from Melbourne, Australia

Stunning photographs in deed!

p.s. I have created an account for you in themes of time if you want to contribute some shots to the existing theme?

26 Jan 2009 5:39am

Luca Bobbiesi from Milano, Italy

bella la texture

26 Jan 2009 10:13am

DaveB from Exeter, United Kingdom

Very interesting processing. I don't know if you'd be interested, but Dave Nightingales latest tutorial is on working with textures

26 Jan 2009 11:20am

Pradeep from Chennai, India shot. Powerful composition. Lovely processing work :)

26 Jan 2009 5:36pm

Evelyne Dubos from Le Mans, France

Un traitement qui joue avec les textures très intéressant et qui donne beaucoup de cachet à l'ensemble. Je trouve juste que le monument est un petit peu trop sombre, j'aurais aimé voir un peu plus de détail, une question de goût... :-))

26 Jan 2009 8:22pm

hugo poon from hong kong, Hong Kong

Wonderful capture and the bird certainly helps heighten the image! I'm not a fan of "digital art" but must say the treatment is really beautiful and adds to the wondeful vintage feel...

27 Jan 2009 6:14am

Lunamania from Oakland, United States

Wonderful processing.

27 Jan 2009 7:11am

blackivory from Singapore, Singapore

I think the treatment works well here. Nicely done!

27 Jan 2009 1:05pm

Laurie from New Jersey, United States

Dark and dramatic image. Lots of mystery comes through in this image.

27 Jan 2009 1:12pm

beanow from Poland

Wow! Amazing painting! Excellent processing.

27 Jan 2009 3:24pm

fredo from marseille, France

Je suis en trai de lire le chien des Baskerville de l'ambiance de la photo me met dans l'ambiance du roman !!! Merci à toi pour illustrer ma lecture.
Supebe cliché, bien traité.

27 Jan 2009 9:52pm

EstherK from Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

It looks antique - and that's how its supposed to look, isn't it? Superb processing! I like it and thanks for the link :-)

28 Jan 2009 12:54am

Rui from Leiria, Portugal

I think you can continue with your experiences. This is an excellent work.
The mood you created is really fantastic. You gave it an even more antique look. Well done Giovanni.
Buon lavoro!

28 Jan 2009 10:19am

Craig from Vacaville, California, United States

This is just awesome imagery!

28 Jan 2009 11:27am

Marcah from United States

Excellent work.

28 Jan 2009 11:52am

walter from Switzerland

wow ... creative and very beautiful work.

28 Jan 2009 7:35pm

Kylie Greenan from Richmond, Australia

Great composition, a wonderful moody feel, love the textures! Great work!

29 Jan 2009 2:17am

Chris Chisu from Seattle, United States

This is simply breathtaking.I love the processing.

29 Jan 2009 6:38am

Eric Rousset from Grasse, France

Nice realisation, the work with textures is superb.Congrats !!

29 Jan 2009 9:26am

tilala from France

Un traitement de toute beauté ! (un peu trop sombre malgré tout) On dirait une image d'un livre de contes.
C'est plein de poésie.

29 Jan 2009 9:49am

Mario Jean [madoc photo] from Montreal, Canada

The textures really adds (and fits) to the subject here. Well done.

29 Jan 2009 11:19am

willow from Chelsea, United States

Not too much at all! This is perfect processing for this subject. I like it.

29 Jan 2009 5:06pm

Michael Paulison from United States

Very very nice layering. It looks like this is a piece of muslin. Very strong, graphic image.

29 Jan 2009 9:49pm

alireza from tehran, Iran

wow!! thats wonderfull shot. nice pic

30 Jan 2009 12:06am

JJ from Jersey City, United States

a wonderful shot, and i like texture you have applied it works well with the architecture of the building great work

30 Jan 2009 1:05am

Brian from Seattle, United States

Love the artistic edge to this photo. Photo shop layers allow the most wonderful creations.

30 Jan 2009 3:36am

dj.tigersprout from San Bruno, CA, United States

a dreamy image -- amazing mood and textures! yes!

30 Jan 2009 9:21pm

Alline from France

Suspendre le temps sur la douceur d'un parchemin...

31 Jan 2009 10:51am

Riccardo from - Giovinazzo -, Italy

Bel trattamento Giovanni! Peccato che non ho troppo tempo per dedicare alla visita dei miei vari blog preferiti ma ogni qual volta che torno sul tuo mi emoziono sempre difronte hai tuoi scatti! A questo punto mi chiedo se sei un fotografo professionista... :)))

31 Jan 2009 7:37pm

baobab from Cambridge, United States

lovely shot - I like the composition and the pp treatment you've applied.

8 Feb 2009 11:02pm

Ivy from Hong Kong

A touch of artistry!

9 Feb 2009 5:54am

Diane Schuller from Hythe, Canada

excellent composition.

15 Feb 2009 11:32pm

Cerstin from Germany

Fantastic composition, mood and treatment.

28 Feb 2009 10:02pm

Pavan Kaul from Mumbai, India

Absolutely stunning Giovanni!!! How's the bambino doing:)?

6 Jun 2009 11:01am

jpdm from Pignans, France

wonderful treatment

18 Nov 2009 10:09am

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